A Movie Review: The Wedding Party 2

If I had an invite to the premiere of this movie, I definitely would have attended. Would not miss it for anything. That’s how much I have looked forward to the movie.

The day I saw the Part 1 of this movie in the cinemas last year, made for a great day. I could see it again, for the laughter it reeled from me. Coming from someone who is not enthusiastic about movies, that is a big thumbs up for the movie.

Anyone who followed #Baad2017 or is a huge fan of the baddest celebrity couple would have had their anticipation for The Wedding Party 2 tripled. Especially after seeing the movie trailer.

What? How do you hesplain somebody getting married without asking? Plus, Dunni, Adesua Etomi wanted to “chew” her husband when she found out that her brother-in-law proposed by accident. To that, Dozie, Banky W, hilariously responded, “Is it me that proposed to her?


It is pleasing to say that the trailer was only the tip of an iceberg. When I finally got around to seeing the movie, two days after it was officially out in the cinemas nationwide, I could say it was worth every kobo spent.

The movie took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Predominantly laughter. I found myself laughing loudly, a gift I have learned to give myself. The sound of my laughter in my ears is like medicine to my body and soul. There were also times I felt disdain, anger, suspense, surprise. There was hardly a dull moment.

Again, I say, worth every kobo you spend.

I liked that the Part 2 of the movie saw a way to bring in Nollywood legends such as Chiwetalu Agu and Patience Ozokwor.

I still have a hard time deciding who my most annoying character was. It was a keenly contested battle between Patience Ozokwor and Sola Sobowale, but I would give it to Patience Ozokwor, “Mama G.”

Ireti Doyle, Sola Sobowale, Patience Ozokwor (R – L) Image source: Google

The white family were also hilarious. I liked how the movie presented Nigeria to the world, and especially where Sola said, “I am proud of my country, Nigeria.” I could feel her speaking it into the audience, not merely in the movie.

Did you know the movie made 20 million bucks on the first day of release in the cinema? Remember I said if I had an invite to the movie premiere, I would not have missed it for nothing. I planned seeing it on the release day, even though at the back of my mind I harboured thoughts of a possible stampede and rush. Nonetheless, I had to travel on the day and see the movie at a later day. The hall was packed to fill, and only leaves me wondering how much more money that would be made in the coming weeks.

A lot of thought, money and effort went into the production of this movie. It is a delight to watch. With the likes of this movie, Nollywood can be said to be on an upward course. Bravo Nigeria! Bravo to The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai entire movie crew!

Image source: Google
What are your thoughts? Have you seen the movie? Or are you in the I-can’t-be-bothered category? Or #TeamWeWillWatchItAtHome? Please, go out and have fun. It’s Christmas! I can guarantee you a good return on your money or come for a refund should you in the unlikely circumstance not enjoy it. I did not say the latter o. Hahaha.
So much love,
Ps: Wait. Someone is back to blogging after going AWOL?🙈 We will talk about that. Promise. For now, enjoy the movie.😘😘