Song Review: Lauren Daigle – First

I was in the middle of studying, filling the air with contemporary Christian music from my Jango music app, when the lyrics of Lauren Daigle’s First first filtered its way through my ears, then to my brain.

“Before I bring my need

I will bring my heart

Before I lift my cares

I will lift my arms”

I paused, snapped out of my world of bones, nerves and muscles, and how they work, and brought back to my environment.

“Who is singing?” I checked to see the name, Lauren Daigle. That was a new name; before then, I had neither heard her music nor seen her anywhere.

Before I bring my need

I will bring my heart

And seek You


Before I speak a word

Let me hear Your voice

And in the midst of pain

Let me feel Your joy

More than anything I want, I want You


After one or two more replays, I marked the song as a favourite, to hear it more often and find more music like it. Since finding her, she has not got off the list of my favourite artists. What’s more, I subsequently found the other songs on the album, How Can It Be, and music collaborations she has featured in with other great artists like Amanda Cook and The Hillsong.

“You are my treasure and my reward

Let nothing ever come before you

I seek You


The song reminds me that above all else, I must always put God in His rightful position – FIRST. And if I do that, every other thing will be taken care of.

Matthew 6: 33 – “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” NLT