Two (Deep) Quotes I Recently Appreciated + My New Favourite Quote

Quotes are words of wisdom in condensed form. They are born out of people’s introspection of [their] life and reflection of daily events. They are people’s life lessons put into words for others to learn from. When these “words of wisdom” stand the test of time and prove to be consistently true, they take up the title, “quotes” and their sayers, “sages.”

A beautiful thing about quotes and one reason I love searching them out is the ability to intimately relate to them sometimes. Their sayers have survived your current experience and even though you may not see your way out, through their eyes you can catch glimpses of hope for tomorrow.

Some quotes have been around a long while, and even though they have, our minds are yet to gain the full grasp of them.

Here are two (deep) quotes I recently appreciated + my new favourite quote:

1. Life Is Beautiful


As simple as this quote seems, it was only recently I fully understood its meaning.

Now, when I reflect on this quote what comes to my mind is a mosaic – a piece of artwork created by placing coloured squares (usually tiles) in a pattern so as to create a picture.

As we go through life and course through varying experiences, certain events that occur do not add up. We cannot see how they lead up to the end we have in mind – or God’s word about us.

But you see, trying to understand all the events that take place in one’s life may prove futile. Choosing instead to enjoy and appreciate each event as a unique piece of a beautiful, grand puzzle can make all the difference there is.

That means the beautiful, ugly, good, bad, memorable, hurtful, exciting, depressing events that make up your daily living merge in an intricately beautiful pattern to yield a beautiful artwork – your life.

Whenever you are tempted to throw in the towel, remember that your life is a beautiful artwork in the making. One the world can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Stick it out and make it worth the wait in the end.

2. No One Is You And That Is Your Power


I used to be at a loss for understanding for this quote the same way I was when people made expressions like “calmness is my superpower,” or “being female is my superpower, what’s yours?”

I either did not think hard enough to understand what they meant or it simply did not hit home in time.

But you see, I have found that it is only when you are leading a life authentically yours that the power resident on your inside can be fully harnessed.

Oscar Wilde advises, “Be yourself, everyone other person is taken.”

The same way our iris, fingerprint, and set of teeth are unique to us, so also the way we lead our lives and express ourselves in mannerisms, words and actions ought to be unique to us – not a mimicry of another.

Living through life authentically is the way to leave indelible marks in the lives of those you come across – and this is the power referred to in this quote.

My New Favourite Quote:

“Where there’s a will…

There’s a way.”

Before this time, my favourite quote was, “You have all that you need and you will need all that you have. One thing you do not have is an excuse.” A line I picked from a video I watched a few years back, held onto and believed enough it worked for me.

Here’s how.

Since I believed I had no excuse, I made it a duty to deliver, no matter what. I looked on my inside and around me, found whatever I could, put them in my arsenal and fought life with them. There was no time to whine. It was always a win-win situation.

“Excuses are tools of incompetence, monuments of nothingness, those that use them are not wise.”

So, to my NEW favourite quote.

It was in the middle of last year while preparing for my final exam – I think after watching Passengers, a 2016 movie, which I enjoyed by the way, that this quote came more into being for me.

A scene from Passengers (2016)

I became a believer in the power of determination. I believe that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it done.

I know sometimes you feel you have tried all you can and your hands are tied. Applying some patience and putting your creative gear on drive might mark the difference between impossible and possible.


I appreciated these quotes during a time of introspection when I was cascading through emotions. From bubbly high to stinking low and in between. This further goes to show that something good can be found in every situation.

There was a time I thought any saying I saw online framed as a quote was true. Now I know better.

As John the apostle advises,

“My dear friends, do not believe everything you hear. Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you.” – 1st Peter 4:1a, MSG

I have learned to test “truths.” You should, too. Regardless of who said them.

What do you think about these quotes before and after reading this post? Do you have a favourite quote?  I would also love to hear what you think about quotes in general. Please, leave a reply and share if you enjoyed this post and or learned something new.



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