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5 Easy Ways To Help Someone Get Through The Pandemic

I saw a beautiful circular by the Christian Medical and Dental Association, Nigeria (CMDA – Nigeria) which combined a familiar idiom with a captivating adjunct: ‘A stitch in time saves nine, be the stitch in the fabric of one’s life.’

In recent weeks, I have watched with admiration as this association have strived to stay on top of the situation in Nigeria; ushering light and hope into a world threatened to be overtaken by darkness and fear. Such an admirable position to assume.

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How I Have Had The Best First Quarter, Despite The Pandemic

Sometime in the middle of January 2020, a heartwarming thought coursed its way through my mind: ‘If I live every year the way I have lived this year so far, I would have a consistently great year and life.’ At the time, I was moving in the direction of my goals for 2020 and it was a delight to see and feel.