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Second Quarter Recap: Life Update, Goals Accomplished & Goals Yet Undone

Hey, guys!!! Happy new month. It has been an eventful month for me already, and also one that has been filled with benefits.

In the last blog recaps, I have been careful to share little or nothing about my personal life and focused more on the blog. While that may be justifiable as the blog is not merely about me, I thought to share a little wonderful win I recently made.

Birthdays Living

Twenty Four and Thankful

I used to feel like I am not the typical Adanne. Boom. One day it went off. Now I feel like a mother hen.

I also remember when I used to worry that I did not feel like an adult. A friend told me it would come. Now, the responsibility I feel for my life and how it turns out is overwhelming.

I also remember last year, wishing a friend a happy birthday when he turned 25. He replied, “I’m getting old, Anita.” He was sober.

Today, I turn 24. I used to feel young and great. Haha. Now I feel I am getting old. Sometimes I blame medical school. That lady took a lot of our time/youth.

Nonetheless, I am glad about how I turned out in the end. I needed the time (7 years) to properly figure out the rest of my life.