Reviewing The Books I Read In The Second Quarter of 2019

At the beginning of the year, I set a reading goal to read two fictions and one non-fiction every month, to foster both my writing skills and mental wellbeing. Even though I was not meeting this goal, I became more intentional about my reading and talked about its benefits in this first quarter recap.

Shortly after that, two months went by without me reading any book. They almost went unnoticed but stemmed from me running out of books I was desirous of reading and lacking the time to source for new books.

Upon completing my housemanship, the gap in my reading became evident and an abundance of time was thrust back into my hands. Thankfully, this coincided with the time Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime and Okey Ndibe’s memoir, Never Look An American In The Eye¬†found their ways into my hands.

The titles were promising and made me eager to delve back into reading. Following my appreciation for Okey Ndibe’s memoir, I picked up another of his book, Foreign Gods Inc, making it the third book I was reading in a space of three weeks.

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