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Living & Working In Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Guys!!!! I had to write. And you need not say, I know I have been off this space (and social media) for a good while. I missed y’all. Did you miss me too?

I blogged about my new job here, and mentioned how housemanship can be stressful and time demanding, and even queried how often my showing up on the blog would be afterwards.

My first two weeks were hell! Literally. I barely had a life of my own. I was either in the ward, in the call room, in the theatre, in the laboratory (checking results) or seldom in the kitchen trying to grab dinner – call food.

Living Quarterly Reviews

Second Quarter Recap: Life Update, Goals Accomplished & Goals Yet Undone

Hey, guys!!! Happy new month. It has been an eventful month for me already, and also one that has been filled with benefits.

In the last blog recaps, I have been careful to share little or nothing about my personal life and focused more on the blog. While that may be justifiable as the blog is not merely about me, I thought to share a little wonderful win I recently made.

Living Quarterly Reviews

First Quarter Recap: Blog Goals, Series & Giveaway Winner

Hi there! So it’s the end of the first quarter and the start of a new one. I thought to look through the blog goals for the year – our successes and areas to improve on.

Anyone who is mindful of setting and meeting their goals ought to, at intervals, take inventory of their goals. They should:

  1. Estimate their proximity to their set goals.
  2. Evaluate which actions are moving them in their desired direction and those that are steering them away.

I believe with these, you can objectively assess what to do more and less of and know when you are deserving of a kick in the butt or a pat on the back.

Toward the end of January, I took inventory of the blog’s goals and plans. February should have been rounded off with a similar recap and an outline of the plan for March, but I was a tad bit unsettled to publish the post.


I went ahead with the plan for March anyway, and despite all of March’s busyness, she made her way into the blog archives with some great posts in her name.

Talking About Goals…

I was recently in a conversation with a friend when the course of our conversation led me to read afresh a post I published late last year.

As I read through my hopes and plans for 2018 – expectations that were real, some plans that have been executed and some that are yet to, I could note the points I needed a kick in the butt and areas I was deserving of a pat on the back.

I hope to clean off the dust that has begun settling on some goals. You know, sometimes, the hardest part of doing anything is starting.

So, yes to taking the first steps?

Did you know I haven’t completed a single book this year? I actually started reading two, thanks to the inspiring friends I have in my life. One of the books is T. D. Jakes’ SOAR! The other was recommended to me by a friend.

Both have been great reads so far and they are books I would love to finish reading, but I have blamed my inability to finish them on the fact that they are e-books. As valid as my excuse sounds, it is still an excuse – laziness, a lack of commitment to a given task.

I remember sometime last year, setting a goal to finish reading Sheryl Sanberg’s Lean In before an event she was to speak at, which was less than a week away and meeting that goal. Being still an e-book, it reinforces my belief that if you want something bad enough, you would get it regardless of the odds stacked up against you.

All of these lead me to think I should start a reading club. We would read a book a month and review it in a closed group on the blog’s Facebook page. Who’s in?

Blog Series

The first blog series of the year was #TheLetterSeries. If you read the intro for the series and followed the series, you’ll find that Part 4, what was supposed to be the concluding part of the series was not published. That was for varying reasons, but I thought to turn all of those thoughts and ideas and some more into an e-book which I will place on the blog for easy access and free download. Is that a good thing? I think it is.

March was supposed to feature a guest post series. I have published some. There’s still more to come. Please, follow the blog if you’re yet to. Many thanks to the beautiful persons who have followed the blog in the past weeks. You make my heart flutter with excitement.

Our Giveaway Winner

Again, life got in the way of publishing this, but we did have a winner – Fae of, who wrote about her trip from Jalingo to Port Harcourt and Everything In Between for us last month. Sadly, I am yet to deliver her gift. It’s on my to-do (urgently) list. The word in parenthesis makes me laugh out loud.

And that’s it for the blog. Over to you. How has the first quarter of the year been for you? Have you been meeting your set goals or letting the days turn into weeks and months without getting much done?

There would be no goals to meet if none were set in the first place.

In Socrates words, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Make your life count. Turn your dreams into reality every day.



Update: Delivered Fae’s gift 05/04/2018. Looking forward to ticking off more goals! ūüėÄ I hope you’re doing same with your life goals. Cheers.

Update: Completed my first book for the year, Francine Rivers’ Masterpiece. I am excited about this one. Guess what? It was an e-book. I know, right? I am currently on my second – Devon Franklin and Megan Good’s The Wait. Looking forward to completing it. Reading this book is timely and I am thankful for that. 22/06/2018. ūüĎčūüĎč




Living Quarterly Reviews

January; Meeting Set Goals & The Rest Of 2018

Someone said, there are only two months in a year; January and the other 11 months. With January almost at its end and 29 of the 365 days of the year gone, we have the remaining 336 days to bring to life our dreams and hopes for 2018.


How Not To Give Up, Ever, Again.

This post was inspired by varying events, most recently this:


You see, I was on a spree. One that I got started on and off of in a blink, sort of.

Let me explain.

My Facebook friends and those who are subscribed to the blog will relate better.

One day, I woke up and made a decision to be consistent with my craft. To show up for my tribe often. There was no prior definition of how often showing up would be. But I showed up every day, for one week, and disappeared forever as is my true nature.

And I am sorry.

Here’s what happened:

(It is not an excuse. It is simply an explanation.)

I read an article that challenged me. It, first of all, belittled me. For the greater good. It was the reason for the determination you saw in me, on and for the blog.

Remember I said there was no prior definition of how often posting would be, but I showed up every day for a week till I stopped?

I did not get tired per se, but I was strained from the hectic schedule I was working with.

The strain did not stop me anyway, till I got a job that took my time away from the blog. Two jobs.

One was a one-time job. When I missed a day of keeping to my new routine, because I was locked on meeting a deadline, I felt a tempting relief only addicts who fall back on old habits, after abstaining a while, can relate to.

I have never struggled with addiction, but I presume that is how they feel.

Photo credit: Unsplash

The second was a three-month job offer as an intern writer with a publishing firm.

After so many months of side-stepping such job offers, I felt qualified to apply for the role. What better time than now, when I had proven to myself that I could be serious about writing and meet deadlines, I thought.

I almost got accepted. You read right. I did not get the job eventually. Sadly.

Taking up the job would mean that my personal journey toward becoming a more consistent writer would be truncated, albeit I would be honing my skill, for a sum.

It was roughly about this same time that my phone, which I have been using to blog, started malfunctioning. I could not put up blog posts with it anymore. In fact, the last post on the blog was completed and posted using my mum’s tab. I loaned my brother my laptop to complete his project¬†because his’ broke down halfway through.

After several failed attempts, blogging almost became a thing of the past for me until I wrote a guest post for a friend.

IMG_20171229_151847 - Edited
31 Days 31 Voices feature on

I used my blog to edit it before sending to her. It was while editing the post that I realized how much I have missed this space.

But here are some things I learned in the time away:

1. You need a system to thrive.

A system is an acronym for Saves You Stress, Time, Energy, and Money.

I need a system. I need to define how often showing up would be. Even if I can afford to show up once a week or every fortnight, consistency is King in this Kingdom.

2. Have a vision.

I had to develop one.

To be a voice of reason, loud enough to make the hearer discontent with mediocrity. Yet gentle enough to bring about positive change in an atmosphere of love and understanding.

Every nation, organization, family, individual needs a vision. A vision is like a compass that navigates their course of action and guides them (back) to their desired point.

Not having a vision is the recipe for failure.

3. Have a mission.

While vision answers “what,” mission states the “how.”

To create and curate content that attempts to explain, to answer, to educate and inform, and sometimes entertain the hearer, using stories that are relatable, true, and inspiring toward a higher living.

I am happy to announce that the aforementioned obstacles are out of the way.

My laptop is back and I have a better phone. With these intact and having successfully defined all of the above, I am happy to announce that I am back to the blogging space!

Photo credit: @ariellustre

And by God’s grace, I won’t give up again!

I am almost certain we all have at one time, started things and given up half-way through, for varying reasons. Legit or not, at the core lies discouragement. I took time to reflect on my blogging journey so far. The lessons, challenges, victories, and hopes for 2018.

I believe that if you look hard at something and ask the right questions, you will find the right answers.

2018 is our year because we will make it so.

About the system I talked about earlier, I defined¬†how often¬†showing up will be. You will read¬†Annie Ejiofor¬†twice-weekly. Mondays and Thursdays. 2018 will feature blog series. And by God’s grace, 2018 will birth the publishing of my first book! Amen.

I will be working in 2018. There is so much God has done in my life, is currently doing and yet to do. All of which I am thankful to Him.

I look forward to sharing beautiful stories with you here, come 2018. I look forward to sharing inspiring stories. I look forward to constantly challenge you to live your best life always. I look forward to a wonderful experience with you in 2018. I look forward to having a great ride with you.

Compliments of the season.

Your girl,