This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Meet Annie:

Who is Annie Ejiofor?

Hello. My name is Anita Ejiofor; I feel a certain fondness when my friends call me Annie. I am a Christian, a medical doctor, and I currently live and work in my home country, Nigeria.

For me, writing is a way to capture, store and convert memory into a timeless form. I believe experiences are worth documenting and sharing, for ourselves and for those coming alongside and after us. This is why on here, I aim to share my experiences and those of others, for the humour, the lessons, the beauty and the memory.

I blog about life within and without medicine; what doctors get up to at work and outside of work. As an avid reader, and one whose writing was a consequence of reading, I also share reviews of the books I am reading and loving per time. I love to travel; to visit new places and meet new persons, learn about new cultures, and where I can learn a new language.

I am also an IELTS test coach and a freelance editor. I help you reach your communication goal, whether it’s acing your IELTS test, copyediting your research work or proofreading your ebook; my mission is to help you communicate explicitly using clean and clear writing, and authentic stories. Leave me a message here.

The Blog, Annie Ejiofor:

Our vision:

“To be a voice of reason, loud enough to make the hearer discontent with mediocrity. Yet gentle enough to bring about positive change in an atmosphere of love and understanding.”

Our mission:

“To create and curate content that attempts to explain, to answer, to educate and inform, and sometimes entertain the hearer, using stories that are relatable, true, and inspiring toward a higher living.” 

You can check out my recent posts and if you love our content, subscribe and follow via e-mail! You can also browse the category section and read what you love.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you find a reason to keep coming back.



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