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4 Things I Hope To Do More Of After The COVID-19 Lockdown

There is no question if life would be different post-COVID-19. Some persons and organisations have shared their thoughts on some of the ways they think that life would differ after the pandemic – nobody knows anything for sure, we can only speculate. If there is one thing this pandemic has done, it is to redirect our focus to things that matter more, and a number of persons (myself inclusive) have thought, ‘ What will I do differently post-COVID-19?’ The first time I thought about it, I couldn’t think of any area I would love to improve upon, but some ideas crossed my mind and I would love to share them with you and hear yours too. In no order:


1. Take Skin Care More Seriously

I would not say that this is a direct effect of the pandemic. In fact, I had been thinking and reading more about skincare in the weeks preceding the pandemic. Prior to that, I merely glossed over it. On one hand, I felt it was too much work, and on the other, I felt with makeup (foundation and powder that is) I was good, but now I realise that I was wrong about the latter, and some times want to look great with my bare face.

The push to do something about it came when I visited home at the start of the lockdown, and my dad inquired about the products I was using my face. Not a beauty enthusiast, he complained about the uneven tone of my face. I had gone blind to it and after disturbing my sister several times to point out the problem with my face, I saw it. In addition to the uneven tone of my face, it’s darker than the rest of my body.


Me stepping out with my girls after the lockdown. Photo credit: @shopmodavracha on Instagram, a Korean beauty store in Abuja, Nigeria.

2. Exercise More

Again, this is not a direct consequence of the pandemic but something I have always wanted to do. What then makes me sure that I would do it post-COVID-19? Well, nothing really. Spending a lot of time at home and with myself, and seeing all the motivation I need to start an exercise more than taking long walks (yes, one of my friends accuses me of being lazy because walking is my favourite exercise and often the only exercise I do), and you know, this near-dying feeling that the pandemic tossed our way reminds us that life is ephemeral. I won’t get the toned body I desire laying on my couch. I hope to get more active and exercise in the days and weeks to come. Interestingly, I could start with indoor exercise regimens until we can go out again and mingle with others, perhaps in a gym or in our streets or estates. Please, don’t join the gang that is doing it wrongly this season, defying the social distancing measure. Did you hear of the fellas in Lagos?


A throwback to the time we could hike and see beautiful sights. Location: Idanre Hills, Ondo, Nigeria.


3. Give Love More

Oh, this goes without saying. A critical part of love is the expression. I mean, what good does it do the receiver if all the love you have for them is sealed up in your heart. Beyond friendships and relationships, the world needs more love – more persons who would give it. A kind word, a thoughtful word, a helping hand, a smile; all of these could go a long way to add colour to the world of the other. Don’t hold back your love, give it away.

4. Share my love for God

I felt awful one time – about the time the number of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria started to rise; when the world looked apocalyptic –  and after saying to a friend, ‘Ensure your final destination is secured,’ and he asked, ‘How do you mean? Heaven or hell?’ then went further saying, ‘You never tried to win my soul in Ife. You never asked me to give my life to Christ. What kind of a Christian and a friend are you? Now the world is coming to an end, you are talking about our final destination.’

I did apologise to him and tell him how I always prayed for him nonetheless. This candid friendly exchange reinfused in my consciousness the need to look out more for my friends wholistically, and be more intentional with my words and actions. What’s more? They will thank me for it in the end. Are there friends in your circle with whom you haven’t come around sharing your salvation story and Christian walk and experience? Can you pause to think about why that is so and how you can do better? When all is said and done, this is what matters most – that our lives and those of our loved ones are assured in the afterlife. That is ETERNAL LIFE.

Hey. Thanks for reading up until this point and for sticking with me on the blog. I do not take it for granted. How have you been living through the pandemic season? Has the slow-paced nature of things made you think more about life? Are there things you look forward to doing more or less in the post-COVID-19 era? Please, share in the comments. I am looking forward to hearing and learning from you.



By annieejiofor

Hello. I'm Annie, a Nigerian, medical doctor, IELTS coach, freelance editor and the voice behind the writing.

I blog about life within and without medicine and other lifestyle topics like books, travel and helpful advice for medical professionals.

3 replies on “4 Things I Hope To Do More Of After The COVID-19 Lockdown”

Weldone Annie. Thanks for sharing this, particularly the last point.
I pray to intentionally share my #Jesus’Journey with my friends and the world as well. It’s annoying how I can be enthusiastic about every other gist but less about #GodTalk. Definitely stops now in Jesus’name. (Amen)
2. Definitely joining in on the exercise team as well.πŸ˜…
And ….welcome on board… #TeamFreshFaceEnthusiasts…
I’ve not been doing too well in that area actually πŸ™ˆ
Most importantly, I really want to ‘get my shit…scratch that…I really want to get my stuff together’… live a more intentional life because one doesn’t excel by chanceπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.
I saw this post some time ago and was like…😯
I pray God keeps you motivated to do all these and more. Time doesn’t wait jare… May the Father help his children 😊

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