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How I Have Had The Best First Quarter, Despite The Pandemic

Sometime in the middle of January 2020, a heartwarming thought coursed its way through my mind: ‘If I live every year the way I have lived this year so far, I would have a consistently great year and life.’ At the time, I was moving in the direction of my goals for 2020 and it was a delight to see and feel.


How I Aced My IELTS Test In One Sitting and How You Can Ace Yours

I received the result of my IELTS test taken on the 13th of February, 2020 last week and to say I was overjoyed would be understating the emotions I felt. Besides joy, I felt gratitude – a big one – to God, my friends who believed in me (especially the one that gladly reviewed my writing until it was perfect), and the friend whom I both studied and passed the exam with. Above all, I was glad that I was a testament to all coming behind me that success – not merely in IELTS, but anything they set their mind to do – is achievable with determination and hard work.