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Second Quarter Recap: Life Update, Goals Accomplished & Goals Yet Undone

Hey, guys!!! Happy new month. It has been an eventful month for me already, and also one that has been filled with benefits. In the last blog recaps, I have been careful to share little or nothing about my personal life and focused more on the blog. While that may be justifiable as the blog […]

Hey, guys!!! Happy new month. It has been an eventful month for me already, and also one that has been filled with benefits.

In the last blog recaps, I have been careful to share little or nothing about my personal life and focused more on the blog. While that may be justifiable as the blog is not merely about me, I thought to share a little wonderful win I recently made.

Life Update

Over one year since graduation from medical school, and seven months after being formally inducted into the medical and dental council of Nigeria, I only got a placement last week. I resume work as a house officer at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, this month.

It has not been easy in the past months, dealing with the delay and striving to move other parts of my life, like this blog, forward. But thank God for grace, the Word, the Holy Spirit, family, and friends. It was because of them that I did not stop trusting and believing in God’s goodness despite the contradicting circumstance.

Housemanship can be stressful, draining, and time-consuming. I am looking forward to how that alters my showing up on the blog.

Goals Accomplished

1. I completed not only a book, but two, and I am currently on my third!!!

This is a big win for me. I shared my struggle and victory here. Ironically, both books were e-books. My success may be explained by the fact that I read them on my tab, as opposed to reading them on my phone. Nonetheless, you cannot take away the place of determination.

The two books I completed were Francine Rivers’ Masterpiece and Naijasinglegirl’s 29, Single & Nigerian. 

The third, which I am currently reading, is Devon Franklin and Megan Good’s The Wait, a non-fiction.

2. I posted two more guest posts and completed and published most of the posts in my drafts.

This is another big win for me because, at a time, I was writing a lot with little to show for it in terms of what got published on the blog. I had a dream where I was instructed to complete and publish the posts in my drafts, which I have except for one.

For those subscribed to the blog, you may have noticed you received a work-in-progress blog post sometime last month in your e-mail. “Daddy Knows; A Review of Matthew 6:30-34,” was its title. I was working on it when I mistakenly hit the publish button. I immediately reverted it back to the drafts section. Soon, hopefully, it will be completed and republished.

Goals Yet Undone

1. My e-book promise

I still have some time though, working with the time frame I set for myself. I must admit, however, that I have not started working earnestly on it. I surrounded myself with some motivation and reminders, hopefully, I turn this dream into a reality pronto.

Blog Plans For The Rest Of The Year

1. A series for medical doctors and students.

Fret not, I have no intentions of boring my nonmedical followers. Trust me, the topic is something interesting that affects everyone in the long run. It is titled “Living & Working Abroad; The Realities Of A Medical Doctor.”

With the increasing incidence of brain drain, and young Nigerian doctors choosing to opt out of the Nigerian healthcare system in search of greener green pastures, this is a candid conversation one should have, to know what to expect out of whatever decision they choose.

In this series, I hope to interview young Nigerian doctors who relocated abroad – US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Carribeans, in the past five years to live and work in.

I have some questions outlined already, but you can leave any other question you would like to have an answer to in the comments, and I will include it if I have not already.

Also, if you would like or know someone you think can be featured in this series, please let me know here or send a word across to them on my behalf. I would greatly appreciate that.

2. To upgrade the website to a paid domain.

That would mean no more in my domain name, no more WordPress ads, more share options, diverse themes and improved features, affiliate linking and marketing. The prospects are exciting.


The blog is still in evolution. Thank you so much for riding with me and encouraging me in all the ways that you do.

You, my readers and blog post sharers, are my biggest cheerleaders, and I appreciate you all.

July is easily my favourite month of the year. It low-key feels like a new year, a fresh beginning, to get things right and set your year on an upward course – if it has not been.

How has your year and month been so far? Do you have any thoughts, comments or replies to any of the areas covered in the recap? I will love to hear in the comments.



By annieejiofor

Hello. I'm Annie, a Nigerian, medical doctor, IELTS coach, freelance editor and the voice behind the writing.

I blog about life within and without medicine and other lifestyle topics like books, travel and helpful advice for medical professionals.

10 replies on “Second Quarter Recap: Life Update, Goals Accomplished & Goals Yet Undone”

Awww….Annie, you’re inspiration on all levels. I’m so happy about the progress you’ve made personally and blog-wise. More grace for the next level.

Eagerly looking forward to the series on medics abroad, it affects me directly in the short run

Liked by 1 person

Amen. As to how it affects you directly in the short run, I know right? 😘😘 It should start soon. Thank you, Fae. You are a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. ❤❤🤗


I had double thoughts about nominating someone for the medics abroad series but I know someone whose organization bears that name “medics abroad”. Although, it’s a young organization, she just started it.

You can check it out on Instagram @medicsabroad. It is founded by Dr. Adanna Steinacker. She is on Instagram as @adannasteinacker.

Thanks for being an inspiration always Annie. I love you.


Liked by 1 person

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