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Fun Ways To Exercise


What comes to your mind when you hear exercise?

Fatigue? Grueling pain? Or fun and a deep sense of fulfillment?

The mere thought of the word scares the socks off some people.

Exercise should be fun because it is something you are supposed to be engaged in for the most of your waking hours; your body was made to move.

Over the past decades, medical research has repeatedly cited the consequences of letting our bodies slow down to a halt.

Of the top three causes of sudden death, two are linked to a lack of exercise, and these are heart disease and stroke. So, I take for granted you already know you should exercise more.

Let me make it easier for you by helping you see exercise as fun.

Culture and Travel

Africa Through My Lens


I might not have been to a lot of countries, but for the average Nigerian of my age, I daresay I have done well for myself and I am still pushing.

I have visited and spent a good length of time in eight African countries; seen the borders of four African countries; and the world through the stories of my friends who live in different parts of the world.

As a child, I got restless being in one place for long. It was not until I got into the university that I discovered that that was a pointer to who I was to become later – a “Traveler/Walker.”

Life in Medicine Medical School

How I Almost Got Raped (+ What To Do In The Event)

In my fourth year at the university, I had what may qualify as my scariest life experience.

You see, year four is that dreaded year in medical school that your senior colleagues attempt to mentally ready you for. It is nicknamed the toughest year in medical school; the year that when you get past you are certain you will survive medical school. In fact, anything life brings your way.

It is the year of Pathology and Pharmacology. Pathology is so broad you can be overwhelmed especially toward your professional exam. Pharmacology, on the other hand, can be hard to recall, and the poor test scores can double your doubt that you will eventually pass.

From the first day of my fourth year, I began to work hard. I listened attentively during lectures, read at night in my room, and sometimes in the classroom. It was on one of those nights that I almost got raped.


Rendezvous ( A Short Story)


“I don’t want to be poor,” I whined.

“Then stop acting like you want to be,” Mrs Ibe, my mentor replied, taking a sip out of her teacup.

How was I acting like I wanted to poor when I made the opposite clear to her or so I thought?

Seeing my confusion, she smiled and took a more patient approach, of that of a teacher willing to take their student by the hand and teach them the ropes.