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Twenty Four and Thankful

I used to feel like I am not the typical Adanne. Boom. One day it went off. Now I feel like a mother hen.

I also remember when I used to worry that I did not feel like an adult. A friend told me it would come. Now, the responsibility I feel for my life and how it turns out is overwhelming.

I also remember last year, wishing a friend a happy birthday when he turned 25. He replied, “I’m getting old, Anita.” He was sober.

Today, I turn 24. I used to feel young and great. Haha. Now I feel I am getting old. Sometimes I blame medical school. That lady took a lot of our time/youth.

Nonetheless, I am glad about how I turned out in the end. I needed the time (7 years) to properly figure out the rest of my life.