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First Day On Call As A House Officer: Four Doctors Share Their Experience

In your final year as a medical student in Nigeria, while you prepare and are being prepared to make the transition from medical school to medical practice, one of the goals of your teachers is to equip you for your first day on call as a house officer.

You will often hear case scenarios like this: “It is your first day on call as a house officer in the accident and emergency ward. A 25-year-old lady is rushed in. She is anxious, in painful distress and bleeding per vaginam. Her pulse is weak and blood pressure is 90/60 millimetres of mercury. How will you manage this patient?”

Your teachers need to be assured that you can be trusted with the lives of patients. As a house officer, you are the first doctor on call, that is the one whom patients come into contact with first. This is the reason every final year medical student must be armed with initial resuscitation and stabilization skills.

I have often wondered what my first day as the house officer on call would be like and prayed to have a good one. Today, four doctors share their experience. Enjoy.


Event Recap: The Platform Nigeria

It’s been two weeks since the 11th Edition of The Platform Nigeria. For those who do not know of it, it’s a biannual event organized by Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade of Covenant Christian Centre (C3), Lagos, Nigeria.

It is a non-denominational and non-partisan event aimed at promoting good governance and nation building.

I first heard about it two years ago on TV, while in my final year at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I wished I could attend. I longed for it, and even considered traveling over the weekend for it but gave it up in the end.

Last year, I watched the event on TV and followed online as much as I could.

This year, I traveled to Lagos for a different event, and completely unaware that the 11th Edition of the event was around the corner.

I heard of it in a Sunday service I attended in C3. When I saw the flyer for the event, and it was two weeks away, even though I only planned to stay the weekend, I thought, “I wouldn’t be back to Lagos for this event in two weeks. I could extend my stay in Lagos by two weeks. It’s two weeks… I can stay.”

I must tell you, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. But somehow (I hope to write about my waiting process) I stayed, and attended the event. I took the photo I used for my birthday post at the event.

You can tell it was as fantastic as promised. It was, as one of the speakers put it, “a festival of ideas.”

Birthdays Living

Twenty Four and Thankful

I used to feel like I am not the typical Adanne. Boom. One day it went off. Now I feel like a mother hen.

I also remember when I used to worry that I did not feel like an adult. A friend told me it would come. Now, the responsibility I feel for my life and how it turns out is overwhelming.

I also remember last year, wishing a friend a happy birthday when he turned 25. He replied, “I’m getting old, Anita.” He was sober.

Today, I turn 24. I used to feel young and great. Haha. Now I feel I am getting old. Sometimes I blame medical school. That lady took a lot of our time/youth.

Nonetheless, I am glad about how I turned out in the end. I needed the time (7 years) to properly figure out the rest of my life.