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First Quarter Recap: Blog Goals, Series & Giveaway Winner

Hi there! So it’s the end of the first quarter and the start of a new one. I thought to look through the blog goals for the year – our successes and areas to improve on.

Anyone who is mindful of setting and meeting their goals ought to, at intervals, take inventory of their goals. They should:

  1. Estimate their proximity to their set goals.
  2. Evaluate which actions are moving them in their desired direction and those that are steering them away.

I believe with these, you can objectively assess what to do more and less of and know when you are deserving of a kick in the butt or a pat on the back.

Toward the end of January, I took inventory of the blog’s goals and plans. February should have been rounded off with a similar recap and an outline of the plan for March, but I was a tad bit unsettled to publish the post.


I went ahead with the plan for March anyway, and despite all of March’s busyness, she made her way into the blog archives with some great posts in her name.

Talking About Goals…

I was recently in a conversation with a friend when the course of our conversation led me to read afresh a post I published late last year.

As I read through my hopes and plans for 2018 – expectations that were real, some plans that have been executed and some that are yet to, I could note the points I needed a kick in the butt and areas I was deserving of a pat on the back.

I hope to clean off the dust that has begun settling on some goals. You know, sometimes, the hardest part of doing anything is starting.

So, yes to taking the first steps?

Did you know I haven’t completed a single book this year? I actually started reading two, thanks to the inspiring friends I have in my life. One of the books is T. D. Jakes’ SOAR! The other was recommended to me by a friend.

Both have been great reads so far and they are books I would love to finish reading, but I have blamed my inability to finish them on the fact that they are e-books. As valid as my excuse sounds, it is still an excuse – laziness, a lack of commitment to a given task.

I remember sometime last year, setting a goal to finish reading Sheryl Sanberg’s Lean In before an event she was to speak at, which was less than a week away and meeting that goal. Being still an e-book, it reinforces my belief that if you want something bad enough, you would get it regardless of the odds stacked up against you.

All of these lead me to think I should start a reading club. We would read a book a month and review it in a closed group on the blog’s Facebook page. Who’s in?

Blog Series

The first blog series of the year was #TheLetterSeries. If you read the intro for the series and followed the series, you’ll find that Part 4, what was supposed to be the concluding part of the series was not published. That was for varying reasons, but I thought to turn all of those thoughts and ideas and some more into an e-book which I will place on the blog for easy access and free download. Is that a good thing? I think it is.

March was supposed to feature a guest post series. I have published some. There’s still more to come. Please, follow the blog if you’re yet to. Many thanks to the beautiful persons who have followed the blog in the past weeks. You make my heart flutter with excitement.

Our Giveaway Winner

Again, life got in the way of publishing this, but we did have a winner – Fae of, who wrote about her trip from Jalingo to Port Harcourt and Everything In Between for us last month. Sadly, I am yet to deliver her gift. It’s on my to-do (urgently) list. The word in parenthesis makes me laugh out loud.

And that’s it for the blog. Over to you. How has the first quarter of the year been for you? Have you been meeting your set goals or letting the days turn into weeks and months without getting much done?

There would be no goals to meet if none were set in the first place.

In Socrates words, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Make your life count. Turn your dreams into reality every day.



Update: Delivered Fae’s gift 05/04/2018. Looking forward to ticking off more goals! 😀 I hope you’re doing same with your life goals. Cheers.

Update: Completed my first book for the year, Francine Rivers’ Masterpiece. I am excited about this one. Guess what? It was an e-book. I know, right? I am currently on my second – Devon Franklin and Megan Good’s The Wait. Looking forward to completing it. Reading this book is timely and I am thankful for that. 22/06/2018. 👋👋




By annieejiofor

Hello. I'm Annie, a Nigerian, medical doctor, IELTS coach, freelance editor and the voice behind the writing.

I blog about life within and without medicine and other lifestyle topics like books, travel and helpful advice for medical professionals.

4 replies on “First Quarter Recap: Blog Goals, Series & Giveaway Winner”

For some odd reasons, my thoughts this morning went to the goals I’d written down at the beginning of the year. Thanks for another reminder with this post, though I’m pretty sure I’d have more kicks than pats.

At least you’ve started on some books; I had to think very hard to remember if I’d read any this year :). Okay, I started (and I’m still stuck on) a John Maxwell’s book titled 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth or so. Over the the weekend I also finished a very interesting novel(my first paperback this year). Erm, I do better with paperbacks than ebooks, so for me that would always a valid excuse for not meeting my reading targets (if I had any)

I’m not a fan of reading clubs, I have this feeling they cramp my style which is to read as the spirit leads and not on a deadline. But let’s see, AEW’s club could be the change I need(?).

I followed both series on the blog and I was blessed! And yes! the ebook idea is super cool. I laave it.

Yaay! I’m happy I won. Looking forward to the planner “urgently” getting off your to-do list and into my hands, hehe.

Liked by 1 person

About the planner (I had to start from there), the only day I came close to delivering it I forgot to carry it along and remembered while on the road. It hurt a lot because that day would have been perfect. It was the day I went to see Black Panther…

I did a reading challenge two years ago, I shared the challenge on my Facebook page and some friends joined. We didn’t (I didn’t) meet the target eventually, but the moral support it provided couldn’t be denied. Sometimes we need an external push because left by ourselves we may feel no pressure to aim for more. I have never been a part of a reading club and don’t have it all figured out in my head, but then some things get clearer after you start. So, if I have willing persons (one, two or more) I would be happy to give it a try.

Paperbacks have got to be easier to finish mehn! Biko, which novel did you finish and is the John Maxwell’s book an e-book? There I go again. Lol. I need an interesting fiction in my life right now. I would call you within the week re our meeting.



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