Happy New Year

If you are reading this, it means you made it safely into 2018. And I feel blessed and honoured having you read Annie Ejiofor on the first day of a beautiful new year.

Photo credit: @provenwong

I love that 2018 kick starts on a Monday. Has such a kick-ass feel to it – even though a holiday. This is our year like I said in the last post because we will make it so. And I hope, like me, you are set to achieve your goals.

First, let me wish you a wonderful new year. I pray that the new year brings us all of our heart’s desires.

With no intention of keeping you long on here, I will move further to say that this year, any year, will deliver what you demand from it.

There are two kinds of people: the people who let things happen, and the people who make things happen.

The first is content with their life, not knowing and consequently not harnessing the maximum potential of life available to them.

The second is the people who enjoy life, are happy, and live a life they are proud of; they step out, more than expect good things to happen to them, most importantly, take the necessary first steps to put those things in gear. Even when they fail, by that I mean don’t succeed immediately, they know failure is a rehearsal for a bigger success. And whoever said they’ll fail?

I will like to urge us all (myself inclusive) to lead our lives this year and every year. To be intentional in our thoughts, words, actions (more to come on this later.) To live every day achieving our dreams.

The Best Of The Year.