Five (5) Top Reasons People Fail IELTS

There are two categories of people who write the IELTS test: Those who consider it an easy test and those who dread it either because they have had to write it multiple times or they have heard stories of those who have.

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My NYSC Leadership Experience: Serving as the CDS President

If anybody tells you that leadership is all fancy titles and smiles, don’t believe them. They don’t know what they are saying.

I look at myself and the person I see is almost unrecognisable to me. It is evident that I have grown in the past year. I have grown in diverse ways and I am thankful for this.

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A Guide To Understanding and Optimising LinkedIn

The saying that the world is a global village is not cliché, but rather our current reality. Every professional who seeks relevance in today’s world must be conversant with the tools that ease networking and interaction with a global audience. One of such tools is the 706 million members strong LinkedIn.

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Between Housemanship and NYSC: Bridging The Earning Gap

NYSC is about the least earning phase in the life of most Nigerian doctors. The drop in earnings by nearly a half ushers most young doctors into a daze that they are seldom prepared for. The desire to make ends meets often force some into canvassing for high-paying states and institutions or working multiple jobs.

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The Day I Cried At Work: My Rough Transition From Medical School To Housemanship

“I have never been a house officer. If I have, I wouldn’t be asking you!” I yelled.

“Are you raising your voice on me?” he demanded.

“No! I am only telling you how I feel,” I cried.

I was exhausted. I had come to the end of a long thread that held my stretched emotions together.

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Reviewing Arese Ugwu’s The Smart Money Tribe

When Arese Ugwu, author of the international bestseller, The Smart Money Woman announced on her Instagram that the sequel to her book was available for pre-order, I was fuelled with excitement.

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Working On The Front Line: A Nigerian Doctor’s Experience Working In A COVID-19 Isolation Centre

Healthcare providers face certain health risks every day they show up at work, from potential needle pricks to chronic stress and even major depression – a myriad of conditions referred to as occupational hazard (a risk accepted as a consequence of a particular occupation).


Navigating The New Normal: A Case For Face Masks

Our lives were pretty normal until a couple of months ago when it was stripped of all normalcy. All the things we loved to do were now forbidden. We could no longer hang out at our favourite parks, pubs and places. It was an aberration to hug friends or hold hands with a colleague.

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Succeeding At My First Online Course – The Challenges and Joys

Next week, I will complete my first online course, a certified course from the University of Washington – Leadership and Management in Health. The first time I came across the course was last year. I was a busy house officer in Ile-Ife and didn’t think I met the requirements for the course. When I saw it again this year, I felt better qualified to take it. What I didn’t see coming was the unique challenge of completing an online course.

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Choosing A Medical Speciality (Series): Public Health Physicians Feature

Prior to getting into medical school, I nursed dreams of becoming either a Paediatrician or a cardiothoracic surgeon. My lean perspective would start to broaden sometime in 400 level when I heard a classmate talk about her interest in Public Health specialisation. I found it fascinating and unconventional. Going through my clinical rotations in the last two years of medical school would further open me up to the diverse options that abound in Medicine.