Saving x My Experience & Lessons Learned So Far

My journey toward financial freedom has been one marked by several emotions: disappointment, fury (at self), determination, excitement. Replay. In all of these, I have learnt to believe in my journey and not give up. I wrote to myself in a fictional, conversational style, and by the end of the conversation, I was more aware... Continue Reading →


A Review Of My Favourite Phone App – The YouVersion Bible App

It has been on my mind for a long time to review this app for you, my esteemed blog readers. I have begun in the past, turned ideas over in my head a couple of times, but still failed to successfully transform those ideas into a blog post. Last week, the Bible app turned ten.... Continue Reading →

Fun Ways To Exercise

What comes to your mind when you hear exercise? Fatigue? Grueling pain? Or fun and a deep sense of fulfillment? The mere thought of the word scares the socks off some people. Exercise should be fun because it is something you are supposed to be engaged in for the most of your waking hours; your... Continue Reading →

Africa Through My Lens

I might not have been to a lot of countries, but for the average Nigerian of my age, I daresay I have done well for myself and I am still pushing. I have visited and spent a good length of time in eight African countries; seen the borders of four African countries; and the world... Continue Reading →


"I don't want to be poor," I whined. "Then stop acting like you want to be," Mrs Ibe, my mentor replied, taking a sip out of her teacup. How was I acting like I wanted to poor when I made the opposite clear to her or so I thought? Seeing my confusion, she smiled and took... Continue Reading →

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